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The Best Ways to Prepare for your Wedding - Makeup Edition

Getting ready in the lead up to your big day can, at times, be overwhelming, particularly if you haven't been a part of many bridal parties. Being prepared for, and on, the morning of your wedding can really set the tone for your day. You want to enjoy this moment! being overwhelmed and frantically running around getting things together with a full face of makeup and/or hair done is really not a vibe. So sit back, relax and let me take you through some key things I've learnt after 10 plus years in the industry, providing services for hundreds of bridal parties... Literally.


Who likes being on time? I do 🙋🏻‍♀️ (pun intended). This is a passionate subject of mine, because while I realise that it may not be ideal to get up at all hours of the morning. Good, long lasting makeup and hair takes time and I want you to look and feel your best.

There are different ways that your makeup artist may create a schedule for you, for the morning. However the most common way is to work back from the photographers arrival time (if you're a photographer reading this... no thanks needed 😂). For example a schedule might look like this:

Bridesmaid 1 6am - 7am

Bridesmaid 2 7am - 8am

Bridesmaid 3 8am - 9am

Bride 9am - 10am

Mother of the Bride 10am - 11am

Touch ups 11am - 11.30am

Photographer arrival 11.30am

Now this is just a template and honestly depending on what time your photographer arrives and the size of your bridal party, you're most likely starting before 6am..... sorry! There is also a chance you'll start later and we love that for you!

Individual time slots may also take less time or more time depending on the makeup look(s). Regardless of the timeframe hear me when I say the bride should never go last! The bride should however go second or even third last. This ensures we have sufficient time to complete your look if things don't go to plan. In terms of everyone else, the schedule order is flexible, all we care about is that someone is sitting in our chair at an allotted timeframe.


Having a consistent skincare routine suited to your skin type and skin concerns leading up to the wedding can drastically impact how makeup sits and wears on your skin throughout the day. Now, I am definitely not telling you to change your whole skincare routine and test a bunch of treatments before the wedding. However I will tell you to have a consultation with a beauty therapist/expert to address any skin concerns and conditions that may be present. The best base for makeup is great skin and as artists there are limits to what we can achieve solely using makeup.

This next treatment is a big no, no. Particularly if you are wanting false lashes applied on your wedding day. Please do not get a lash lift. I repeat. Do not get a lash lift. Lash lifts and false lashes are not friends, to be honest I wouldn't even say they should be acquaintances. Lash lifts make it extremely difficult to apply false lashes (both strip and individuals) and honestly even if we can get the false lashes on, they never look quite right. False lashes sit very high on top of a lash lift and won't mould to the lash line like they do with un-lifted lashes.

Now we have covered lash lifts, let's talk lash extensions. I am personally indifferent to lash extensions, however there will be some artists who prefer not to work with them (and I understand why). This is what I'll say about extensions. You are limited by the types of products that can be used around them and the style of your lash extensions may not compliment the eye design you've chosen. They are also what I have dubbed 'tiny little eyeshadow umbrellas' which, if not cleaned properly can create fallout on the face over the length of the day. I of course do my best to clean them to avoid this from happening. It is optimal to have lash extension freshly done. If not, we will potentially need to use a strip lash on top to even them out, or individual lashes to infill any gaps.

Other FAQs include, should I get a spray tan? Honestly, it makes no difference to me. If you feel more comfortable with a tan, go for it. If you don't, that's okay too. If you haven't had a professional tan before, I would definitely recommend having a trial tan done. It is also a good idea to line this up with your makeup trial so that you can see how its all looks together. It isn't essential, but colours will look different depending on your skin tone and this may impact your choice of makeup look.

Last, but not least, brows. Manicured brows assist in framing the eyes and face. They are an extremely personal facial feature, how you manicure them is totally up to you!


Trials for my brides are not essential, however I would recommend them if you are unsure about the style of makeup and/or hair you're after or if you just want to try something different. Do not leave it to the wedding day to experiment, you will be doing yourself a great disservice because sometimes what we envision doesn't always translate in the way we imagine. A trial is also a really great opportunity to see how things wear on your skin for an extended period of time and to meet your artist!

The next thing is inspiration images. Images are a great way to communicate the style of makeup you are looking for. It's not always easy to put our vision into words and perception of colours, coverages, textures, styles etc. is often different from person to person. Images also have the potential to have been edited which can create unrealistic outcomes for your desired look. Your artist will be able to communicate realistic expectations for your facial features, structure, skin tone and so on. The best advice I can give you is to breakdown your chosen images. What is it specifically about the makeup in the images that you like? Is it everything? Is it only the eyes? Is it the lip? etc. The other thing to consider is, is the style of makeup I am looking for reflected in the work of my chosen artist? Most makeup artists skill set surpass single styles and techniques. However finding an artist that demonstrates the type of makeup and/or techniques your after will lead to a much better outcome.


The day is finally here. You're getting married! Yay! Here are a few things you should organise before your hair and makeup starts so that you can really enjoy your morning, relax and take it all in! Now the following preparation recommendations can be done on the morning of IF you're not starting hair and makeup super early. If you are getting up at the crack of dawn it might be helpful to do these things the night before.

  1. If dresses, robes or any other items you are wearing need to be steamed. Please do it before your hair and makeup. If I've just done your makeup and I see you face first in a steamer, we are going to have problems 😂

  2. Make a time, ideally before your hair and makeup team arrive to give your bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party any gifts and robes you have prepped for them. This saves time.

  3. Open any gifts or notes from loved ones before you start your makeup. Especially if your a crier! get it all out before you start or i'll be coming at you with cotton tips to soak up those tears.

  4. Ensure you have a space(s) for your hair and makeup team to set up. Ideally a clean well-ventilated area with natural sunlight where possible. I usually suggest areas such as dining tables, kitchen benches or tables that are waist height. Access to a power point for lighting and tools is also a must.

  5. Have all your details laid out and ready for when your photographer arrives. This includes items like rings, shoes, fragrance, dresses and so on.

  6. Have any overnight bags packed and ready to go. The last thing you need to be worrying about is packing your bag before you're heading out the door to get married.

  7. Choose a top that is loose fitting or is a button up to ensure that when you are changing you're not impacting your makeup and hair.

  8. Brush your teeth. Obviously that's a night before and morning thing 😂 but I really just added it in here, not because I'm worried about your breath, but more so because people always forget this and if I've applied your makeup and you go brush your teeth after. It's likely going to disrupt the makeup.

I'll admit, it's a lot to consider along with everything else leading up to your wedding. However my hope is that this provides you with a little more insight and guidance for getting ready with your glam team the morning of your wedding. AND if you're an upcoming bride of mine, I can't wait to meet you!

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