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Makeup Tutorial - All About Brows!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

According to wikipedia brows are the "...area of short hairs above each eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals. In humans, eyebrows serve two main functions: first, communication through facial expression, and second, prevention of sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket". Now, I personally never really think about eyebrows in terms of their practical functions. When I think about brows I think about them as an important facial feature that give both structure and shape to the face, and that... is probably the makeup artists in me talking.

I, like many others was unfortunately not blessed with the ideal amount of brow hair, which has led me to practice copious techniques over the years and try a range of different products. I would also just like to note that I was not always a professional makeup artist and my attempts at filling in my brows over the year has drastically improved. To give you some context I used to fill in my eyebrows with a black eyeliner, which might not look too bad on some people but I have blonde hair naturally, and did at the time I tried this "technique" (if you could even call it that).

Eyebrows are such a personal feature and when it comes to filling them in personal preference is a huge factor. Not all brows are the same and therefore each brow requires different things when applying brow products. One of the most important things you can do is to analyse your brow and brow shape, and compare this to what your ideal brow may look like (doing this will also help you with your product choice).

The colour choice of your brow products is also key when filling in your brows (if you didn't gather from my previous admission). When considering brow colours a good tip to remember is to go with a colour that is slightly lighter than your natural brow hair. This is because when colour hits the hair it automatically looks darker and denser.

As a result of my lack of brow hair, I have the ability to change up my brow shape and structure depending on how I feel. So, if you're someone you likes a more natural take on eyebrows or even interested in trying the soap brow or fluffy brow techniques. I have broken down the steps on how to achieve an eyebrow like this for you!

Step 1. Clean the area around the eyebrow - this is an important step if you are using a brow soap, wax or glue as natural oils from the skin can prevent the product sticking the hairs down on the skin.

Step 2. Dampen a spoolie and brush over the soap or wax, this will help to activate the product. Some glues may not require this step, its all based on which product you choose to use. Don't fear, products generally come with instructions.

Step 3. Brush the product through the brows, back and forth and then in an upward motion. Let it get a bit tacky and then apply pressure to stick the brow down onto the skin.

Step 4. Clean up any residue around the eyebrow. This is important if you leave residue around the brow it will impact the application of whatever you put around the area and can sometimes make it look textured.

Step 5. Map out your ideal shape using your fave concealer and a flat brush. Now, you can do this as your final step, however I like to do this first when Im trying to create a more natural looking brow.

Step 6. Use a brow pen to create hair strokes, filling in the sections that require more density. I also like to use a pomade and an angle brush to give the brow a little more texture, as I have minimal hair. You could also do this step using powder or a fine pencil.

I hope this little breakdown helps you to nail that next brow application and if you'd like to see more tutorials from check me out on TikTok and Instagram


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