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8 Skincare Products I'll Always Repurchase!

If I'm being honest, prior to my early 20's I never really thought about skincare. I didn't have a skincare routine or even invest time into learning about what products would work best for me. In my teenage years and into my mid 20's I always had what people described as good skin.

Did I get the odd breakout here and there? Yes.

Did I care what I washed my face with or where my moisturiser came from? Definitely Not.

It wasn't until my skin became problematic that I took a serious look into my skincare routine. Long story short, out of what seemed like nowhere in my mid 20's my skin experienced a lot! acne, texture, dehydration, dullness ..... and the list goes on.

The road to understanding my skin took a couple of years to get right. The main takeaway for me, was being able to analyse my skin and chose products based on their suitability to my skin type and skin concerns.

Remember, what works for someone else's skin, may not work for you. That' okay. Like everything else in life that makes us unique, our skin is no different.

Being in my 30's now my skin concerns are changing and I am always testing out or adding new skincare to my regime. This means that in the future this list may get longer, but until then here are 8 skincare products I have tried and tested (most for years) and will always repurchase.

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel - This product is one of my go to skin care products and I could NOT live without it. It is a two step daily exfoliating system and it has entirely changed the look and feel of my skin. There are different formulations of this product, however I prefer the Universal Formula as it has worked the best on my skin. I can be reactive to some skincare products and the extra strength just didn't work for me, even after easing into use with the universal formula. If you're someone with particularly sensitive skin there is also an ultra gentle formula available. This product is pricey, but for me it works so well that I am willing to invest in it. It is sold exclusively at Mecca and it has also been made available in 5 day packettes if you want to test it out before investing in the 30 or 60 day packettes.

  2. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Repair Cream - This product is a life saver, I have even got my partner using it as he suffers from extreme dry, cracked and rough skin (but it has so many more uses than that). I thank my lucky stars that when working on the MAC counter in Myer, the Elizabeth Arden consultant showed me this. I use it on the lips and to repair broken or healing skin. Just pop it on to the effected area before bed and wake up with noticeable improvements.

  3. Khiel's Ultra Facial Cream - For me, finding a moisturiser that doesn't break me out but still gives me hydration has been a process. There have been a couple of moisturisers that I used prior to this one, but looking back they were just place holders. I think I've found the one in this moisturiser... I know, romantic right! but seriously, it gives the hydration of a thick moisturiser without the heavy texture and feeling. I love it!

  4. SK II Facial Treatment Essence - Beauty experts told me that I should be using an essence, especially at my age. I was like, what the hell is an essence? Well, an essence allows the restoration of hydration to the skin and boosts the skins overall health. An essence will also allow your skincare to absorb more effectively. I use this in my night routine prior to my other skincare products and I can see a huge difference in my skin when I wake up. Obviously there are different essences on the market, I did a lot of research prior to purchasing one and I have fallen in love with the SK II facial treatment essence.

  5. Mario Badescu Rose hip Oil - Rose hip oil was a product recommended to me when I was looking into products for scar reduction. I have tried a few on the market, most of which were much more expensive and none have had such positive impact on my skin, as this one. Do I know why? No. Do I care? No. It works for me, it's inexpensive and I will forever repurchase it.

  6. Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules - I cannot stress how much I love these capsules. I incorporated them into my night time skincare routine years ago and haven't looked back. They have helped to make my skin appear more radiant, hydrated, soft and have helped to decrease the appearance of my fine lines.

  7. Mario Badescu AHA botanical Body Soap - In recent years I began to suffer from keratosis pilaris which presents as little red dots on areas of my arms and legs. I found this product in my research and it has done wonders to even out my skin tone and texture. I know it works because when I run out, the severity of the skin condition gradually increases. It's also just a great all round body wash.

  8. Mecca Max Spot Dots Blemish Busting Patches - I haven't been using this product for as long as the others, but man do they work! essentially they protect the skin and absorb excess moisture. I usually use them before bed or pop them on during the day when I can feel a pesky pimple popping up. They are clear which means they're fairly undetectable. I have also used them on areas where I am prone to cystic acne and they worked too. The patches also help blemishes to recover quickly with minimal scarring, and I don't need more of that so I am all about it! I also love the price point which is affordable when compared to my other skincare.

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